Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Topside Mutant Snail Boulder E


Walking Time: 25 Minutes

Height: 4 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Topside Mutant Snail Boulder E from the Silvermine Car Park. Walk towards Muizenberg on the dirt road going right past Shady Nook. At the river, you have a few options. The first is to stick left and before the Crute Boulders go right. The other is to go right and left up the next valley. If you are unsure how to find the Mutant Snail Boulders, please view or download our Cape Town bouldering map for clarity.

Number Grade Developer Information
E1 5+ Unknown BS on L side of cave and climb over bulge.
E2 X Men 6b+ Unknown BS below narrow central pillar and climb over roof to TO.
E3 Decision Time 7a Unknown BS below L pillar and climb vertically to slot on the lip of the roof then TO.
E4 Escape To Light 6c Unknown BS below L pillar CDL and L around bulge to TO.
E5 6a+ Unknown BS on M to L of arete.

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