Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Table Mountain CBD The Terrace Boulder G


Walking Time: 10 Minutes

Height: 5 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Table Mountain CBD The Terrace Boulder G from Tafelberg road.

Number Grade Developer Information
G1 Sticky Fingers 5 Noy SS with RH on a small layaway, LH to a big knob and climb diagonally left.
G2 Jeanrich’s Problem 6c Ehlers SS with RH low on a jug undercling, move up and traverse right to finish up The
Righteous Man.
G3 Childhood Wonders 6b Noy SS (on a rock) in the undercling, move up to an incut and climb the left arête / face.
G3a Hour of Honour 6a+ Noy Climb Childhood Wonders up to the incut and then move out right to finish up The Righteous Man.
G4 The Righteous Man 5+ Noy SS (on a rock) with LH on a wide pinch / sidepull and RH on an edge grip, move
up to the arête and top-out.
G5 King of the Castle 5+ Noy Head up the slab moving slightly right towards the apex. There’s a wimp pocket up left if you loose your cool halfway up.
G6 Slingshot to the Moon 6b Noy Start as for Atlas’ Heavy Burden and traverse left along the lip to finish as for Flying Circus.
G7 Kahlúa Kahones 6a Noy SS high on large opposing gastons, move up to RH sloper on the lip and top-out direct.

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