Table Mountain CBD The Terrace Boulder E

Boulder Features

Walking Time: 10 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 3 Meters

Access Table Mountain CBD The Terrace Boulder E from Tafelberg road.

Number Grade Developer Information
E1 Flying Circus 6c+ Janata SS on the larger of two underclings below a small roof, throw to a good edge for LH and top-out.
E2 Deception Guaranteed 5+ Noy SS with LH on a fat sidepull and RH down on a red edge, moving slightly left, RH to an incut edge and then LH out to a sidepull in the crack.
E3 Knopkierie 6a Koehorst SS with BH on a white knob, move up to an edge and top-out direct.
E4 Starfish Aliens Ambush 5+ Noy SS under the roof with LH on a small slopey edge and RH on a big slopey edge, RH to a pinch above the lip, then move out left to a small dish on the lip and finish up the slab.
E5 Atlas’ Heavy Burden 5+ Noy SS on a big ledge right of Star Fish Aliens Ambush and top-out direct.
E6 Kahlúa Highway 6a Noy Start as for Atlas’ Heavy Burden and traverse left along the lip to finish as for Flying Circus.
E7 Life of Brian 4 Noy SS low on a ledge, RH to the rail and then LH up to a jug sidepull.
E8 Sensation Seekers 6c Noy SS high in the rail, move up past a pocket to a sidepull and top-out direct.

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