Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Table Mountain CBD Deer Park Triangle Boulder


Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: 🌲

Access Table Mountain CBD Deer Park Triangle Boulder from the forested parking area via Deer Park Drive, being the extension of Upper Buitenkant Street.

Number Grade Developer Information
2 Left Arete 4+ Koehorst Climb L arete to TO.
3 Adrian Will Sort It Out 7a+ Kohler After a crux hold broke on a brilliant 6B+, Adrian Kohler “Sorted it Out”. Exit up left after hard LH gaston.
4 Triangle Quality 5+ Koehorst Climb the excellent line L of the arete to TO.
5 4+ Koehorst Climb easy arete.
7 Slab Was To Hot 5a Humphry & Le Roux Start the slab on the overlapping feature and head left to easy TO.
8 Flaming Apex 6b Humphry & Le Roux Same start as Slab was too hot but you move up to the apex of the Triangle.
9 Untitled 1 (Fabian’s Folly) 6b Humphry Start with LH on pinch and LH in lowest crack feature climb up knife edge between your legs.
10 Charcoal Instead Of Chalk 6a+ Le Roux Same start as Untitled 1 (Fabian’s Folly) climbing up to the right of knife edge using it as an arete.
11 Untitled 2 6a+ Le Roux Standstart with RH on side pull and LH pressing down into low crack, dyno up to good central jug TO.
12 Untitled 3 6b Le Roux & Mash SS with RH on square block and LH on pitch move to pockety jug and TO left.

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