Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Simonstown Windmill Beach Bouldering


Walking Time: 5 Minutes

Height: 4 Meters

Geography: 🏖️

Access Simonstown Windmill Beach Boulders from Links Crescent off Main Road. Parking is safe and the walk is easy. There are boulders on both sides of the small beach to climb. This guide only covers the boulders on one side. The other side has a hand full of problems ranging from 3 to 6a.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 3 Unknown Climb all over this face.
2 3 Unknown Climb up and onto a ledge and up again
3 4 Unknown Climb the crack to TO.
4 5 Unknown Climb the crack near the corner.
5 5+ Unknown Climb the crack to the L of 4.
6 6a+ Unknown Stand start and using the rail move up and over the top.
7 5+ Unknown Climb the crack on the L corner of the boulder sticking L.
8 6a Unknown Climb as for 7 but move R.
9 6b Unknown Climb the crack using your feet and hand jams.
10 4 Unknown Using the foot chip move up onto the boulder.

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