Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Simonstown Baboon’s Armchair Boulder B


Walking Time: 20 Minutes

Height: 6 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Simonstown Baboon's Armchair Boulder B from Jan Smuts Drive Simonstown. At the top of Jan Smuts Drive, there is a sharp corner. Park here (you can see the boulders from this point) and walk the trail heading towards the mountain, then north towards Cape Town and back south as it makes its way up the mountain.

Number Grade Developer Information
B1 The Tingle 6a+ Wilkinson Start with hands on the rail and feet below, move R and climb L of the arete on the face to TO at the highest point.
B2 6a Wilkinson Climb 1 but exit R half way up the flat wall.
B3 6a+ Wilkinson Start to the L of 1 on the pocket undercling and using the small pockets on the corner move up and TO as for 1.
B4 Project None A very hard problem climbing the main mountain side face using pockets and big moves.
B5 6a+ Wilkinson SS to the R of the entrance to the chimney and climb to the R of the corner using edges.
B6 5+ Wilkinson Climb the chimney from the bottom.
B12 5 Wilkinson Climb the R corner of boulder B overlooking the chimney on the seaside face on big holds.
B13 Project None The seaside face of boulder B has at least 1 high ball problem between 12 and 14 on a smooth face. I have not climbed them due to their height and the potential of falling. please don’t bolt.
B14 6a Wilkinson Climb the L corner of boulder B on the seaside face using small holds.

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