Redhill Vajra Area Boulder E


Boulder Features

Walking Time: 25 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 3 Meters

Access Redhill Vajra Area Boulder E from the Kleinplaas Dam Trail on Redhill. Park in the parking area where the M66 meets the private road the heads towards the Naval Base. Walk down the M66 and onto the Kleinplaas Dam Trail. Stick left on this trail heading towards the large rocky outcrop to the left of the trail. Pass through Vanilla Sky (the first obviously big boulder) and up onto the top of the small hill. The Mushroom Area will be on your right.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Hassle 6a Unknown SS with RH on crimp and LH on pinch, climb straight up, TO.
2 Don’t Do It 6b Unknown SS with LH on diagonal crimp and RH on crimp, climb straight up, TO.
3 The World Is Out To Get Me 7b Unknown SS on good holds on lip of prow, climb straight up, TO. R arête off.
4 Usoske 7a+ Unknown SS on small crimps, climb straight up to the sloper of 5, TO as for 5.
5 Karmachanics 6c Unknown SS with RH on hold in roof, LH on crimp on lip, up to a layaway and then R to sloper, then reach up to crack, TO.
6 Rolling Stones 7a+ Unknown SS on good hold, traverse L via slopers and crimps to the arête, TO.
7 Lunar Asylum 4 Unknown SS on good holds on arête, climb arête, TO.
8 Soaring Bandicoot 6c+ Unknown SS in big jugs at the back of the roof, climb the roof keeping R, TO via slopey crimps.
9 Flying Wombat 6b+ Unknown SS as for 8, climb the roof staying L, TO via the prow. An easier variation (6A) exists if you move further left and top out up the short wall 2m left of the prow.
9.1 Black Demon 8a Unknown SS as for 8, move up and R to small crimps, then straight up the wall via crimp.

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