Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Redhill Coppermine Boulder F


Walking Time: 20 Minutes

Height: 4 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Redhill Coppermine Boulder F from the Coppermine parking lot. From Cape Town, take the M4 to Simon's Town. Just before you reach the town there will be a road heading up the mountain on your right-hand side called Redhill Road (M66). Take this windy road to the top of the mountain and continue along the top until you see a road and a group of houses on the right-hand side (Pine Haven) turn right into this road (there will be a green sign saying "Red Hill"). Go along this road, through all the speed bumps for 2km until you see a parking area on the left-hand side (opposite a white farmhouse). From the parking lot, a gravel road (Kleinplaas Dam trail) leads up the hill, past and around some small cliffs. Continue along the track and look for the pinnacle boulder, this boulder is in the centre of the area. Walk along the road until the bouldering area is nearly in line with the dam, and then walk through the bush to the boulders. Boulder H and M are super obvious, boulders AA to FF are past the clearing.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 When Death Smiles Upon You 6a Unknown Stand start, climb high arête to top out.
2 Doodling With Goblins 5c Unknown SS, climb the high juggy wall to top out via the short vertical crack near the top of the boulder.
3 The Banjo Run 6a+ Unknown SS, climb straight to the slopey rail, continue straight up to top out.
4 Remix 6b Unknown Stand start with right hand in pocket, climb straight up through the bulges to top out.

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