Noordhoek Crofters Valley Sector B Boulders

Boulder Features

Walking Time: 10 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 2 Meters

Access Noordhoek Crofters Valley Sector B Boulders from the parking small parking area on Sea Cottage Drive. Walk around Sector A to find Sector B on the Cape Town facing side of Sector A. The image below is of Boulders C and D.

Number Grade Developer Information
A1 6a Lekker Wilkinson SS with LH in crimp, RH in slot and move L staying low on the buldge to TO.
A2 6a Wilkinson SS same as 1, move up using horn and slopers to TO at high point.
A3 Pinch From Heaven 5+ Wilkinson HS LH in slot and RH in pinch to TO. Hard start is with lower finger slot with LH and even harder is to not use the block but only feet on the wall.
Number Grade Developer Information
B1 4 Wilkinson Stand and climb the left side of the cave.
B2 6a+ Cave Dance Wilkinson Start in bucket at the back of the cave and climb L then make big move to massive jug. ONLY use feet on the over hang (tracking).
B3 5+ Wilkinson Start as for 2 but move R on big holds. ONLY use feet on the over hang (tracking).
Number Grade Developer Information
C1 5+ Wilkinson SS on small crimp on arete and move R up the arete to TO.
C2 5 Wilkinson Stand start with L foot in tiny hold, LH in small pocket and RH on arete and TO.
Number Grade Developer Information
D1 5 Wilkinson SS in slot with few feet and TO.
D2 6a Wilkinson SS rail on arete facing the houses with high R foot and make 3 big moves to the top.
Number Grade Developer Information
E1 5+ Wilkinson HS LH crimp and RH pocket to move up and L.
E2 6a Wilkinson SS RH in finger slot and LH in crimp to TO.

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