Newlands COVID Pandemic Boulder


Boulder Features

Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Geography: 🌲

Height: 3 Meters

Access Newlands COVID Pandemic Boulders from Thorn Street Newlands. From the gate at Thorn Street, walk up as if going to the contour path. Once you are above the road, go right where the path goes left before the first long staircase.

Number Grade Developer Beta
Back In The 70’s 7a+ Holwill SS and climb the slab
Digital Vibes 7a+ Holwill Sit and climb out right then up arête
Pandemic 6c Holwill SS with left hand on layaway and right on flake, move up to right hand layaway, then huge move up left to a jug.
Zoom 6b Holwill Climb the face.
Tree Dab 5+ Holwill SS, up arête to jug next to tree, then top out without dabbing the tree.
You’re On Mute 5+ Holwill Stand with good hold on the left and climb the arete.
Making Up The Numbers 5 Holwill Start with slower on arête and climb up.
Living At Work 5 Holwill Climb the slab.
Herd Ammunity 5 Holwill Sit up to crimp then finish on the left.

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