Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Newlands Classroom Boulders


Walking Time: 20 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: 🌲

Access Newlands Classroom Boulder from the Newlands Fire Base parking lot. Follow the main river that runs through the forest (Newlands Ravine) until you find the boulders. If you get to the contour path you have gone too far.

Number Grade Developer Information
A1 Teachers Pet 6b+ Šmigelskis SS as for 2, LH up to the undercling/layaway, RH up to pinch/crimp on the arête, then throw to top (slightly L).
A2 Corporal Punishment 7a+ Šmigelskis SS as for 2, but LH straight up to pinch/sloper/arête, RH up to crimps on 4, then TO as for 2.
A3 Memories 6c Šmigelskis SS under steep arête with LH on undercling, RH on crimp. LH up to the layaway, reach RH around the arête onto the face, then LH, TO straight up.
A4 Project None None
Number Grade Developer Information
B1 Project None SS on small crimps, move up and left to join 3.
B2 Exam Stress 8A Šmigelskis SS as for 1, climb straight up, TO.
B3 7th Subject 7a+ Šmigelskis Stand start, with both hands on high diagonal undercling crack, RH up to sloper, LH to crimp, TO straight up.
B4 U19 Girls Basketball 7b Šmigelskis Stand start with both hands on crimp rail in the middle of the face, up to good holds in the hollow above, throw RH up to pinch, TO straight up. (jump start to the hollow then same TO is nice warm up, 5-).
B5 Swim Coach 7c+ Šmigelskis SS below blunt arête, RH on slopey crimp, LH on sloper, campus RH to another slopey edge, LH to sloper/sidepull, TO straight up. (stand start is 6C).
B6 Project None SS as 5, move up to the start of 4, TO as for 4.
B7 Font 6c Šmigelskis Stand start just R of the groove/crack. LH on layaway, RH on opposing slopey edge, climb the slopers, TO.
B8 Fromage Et Baguette 7b+ Šmigelskis SS as for 8, traverse R to join 5, TO as for 5.
B9 Bas Cuvier 7a+ Šmigelskis SS as for 10, traverse R to finish up 7.
B10 After School Adventure 6a M Šmigelskis SS with RH on large sidepull/pinch, LH on low pinch, RH up to a very slopey pinch, LH to sloper, then throw to the very slopey top, TO. (An easier version exists if you use the holds on the R).
B11 Choir Boy 6b+ Šmigelskis SS on good holds, traverse L along the face to the rail on 9, continue along the rail and TO L of 9.
B12 Tuck Shop Bully 7a Šmigelskis Start with both hands in slopey rail, dyno to the top of the boulder, TO.
B13 Maths Mantle 6b Šmigelskis Hang start on lip of low, mantle to TO.
B14 Groping The Lunch Lady 6b Šmigelskis SS “hugging” the fat prow with LH on crimp, RH on slopey corner, slap up the corner to gain the obvious finishing hold with LH, TO.
Number Grade Developer Information
C1 Monday Morning 6b Šmigelskis SS R of tree, climb straight up, TO.
C2 Tooth Paste 4 Šmigelskis SS L of tree, both hands on small crimps, LH up to good hold, TO slightly R.
C3 Blazer 6c Šmigelskis SS on good holds on lip, up to prong, TO straight up.
C4 Continuous Assessment 7a Šmigelskis SS with LH in pocket, RH on sloper, throw RH to poor pinch, TO. (Holds to the R of the starting holds are off route).
C5 School Sports 4- Šmigelskis SS, climb R up corner, TO.

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