Muizenberg The Cube Boulder


Boulder Features

Walking Time: 5 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 4 Meters

Access Muizenberg The Cube Boulder from the parking area on Boyes Drive above the sharp corner on Old Boyes Drive.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Homoscedastic Tetragonality (Direct) Project Donaldson Climb L of .
2 Blood Diamond 6c Donaldson Start at Homoscedastic Tetragonality, up to the crystal and finish along Surfer’s Corner.
3 Homoscedastic Tetragonality (via crystal) 7a+ Donaldson BS with obvious two finger and three finger pockets. Straight up the blank face (the nice holds to the right and the arêtes are out, feet as well- except the obvious 2-finger crystal).
4 Surfer’s Corner 5 Donaldson Climb the easy line on the R.

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