Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Llandudno Sector 2 Boulder A


Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: 🏖️

Access Llandudno Sector 2 Boulder A from the main Llandudno beach. When facing the beach, walk right towards the first rocky outcrop.

Number Grade Developer Information
A1 Lonestar 5 Unknown Arete.
A2 Southern Cross 7b Mohle BS R of Lonestar, move R into vertical slot on 3 and up to TO.
A3 Beach Babes 7a Smigelskis BS LH in vertical slot and RH in pocket, climb straight up to TO.
A4 Dons Problems 7b Unknown BS hard move on small crimps.
A5 Telepathy 7a Bush BS and climb to rugby ball sized hold to TO.
A6 LStar Gazer 5+ Mohle BS.
A7 Star At Heart 5 Mohle BS.
A8 Twinkle Star 5+ Mohle BS.

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