Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder K


Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder K from Boyes Drive. Walk up the hill following the path. Please be aware of baboons, snakes and make sure that you do not leave any valuables in your car.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Peek At You 4 Unknown (on easy face on RHS) BH on good slopey rails. Move up on good holds. TO via slopers on small capstone.
2 Banana Rama 5 Unknown Crouch start with feet in obvious pockets. LH on good low pocket, RH on side pull. TO up arête.
3 Stranger Danger 5+ Unknown SS, LH on good low pocket, RH in small pocket. RH to undercling, LH up to pocket with crystal tooth, RH up to slopey ledge, TO via rails on face ONLY.
4 Pop Rocks & Soda 6a+ Unknown BH in pockets on the rail, LH big move to crimp, RH up to slopey crimp, TO.
5 Sega Mega Drive 6b+ Unknown SS, LH in low pocket on arête, RH in good small pocket on face. LH big move up to good pocket next to arête, RH to big pocket on the face, TO (the flake on the arête, the rail and pocket that joins it, are all offRoute).
6 Sticky Situation 7a Unknown SS as for [5], move R to rail via 2finger pocket. TO as for [4] (the rail joining arête and above it offRoute).
7 Crouching Poodle, Hidden Sheep 6a+ Unknown SS, BH in good low pocket (used in [2] and [3]). LH to pocket on rail, move R and match on large sloper around corner.TO over the slopey roof.
8 Project None SS, BH in small pockets, climb face via pockets, TO (jug pocket near top offRoute for a harder variation).

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