Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder J


Boulder Features

Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 4 Meters

Access Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder J from Boyes Drive. Walk up the hill following the path. Please be aware of baboons, snakes and make sure that you do not leave any valuables in your car.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 The housekeeping Hamster 6a Unknown SS on rock on RHS of boulder, BH on adjacent crimps on flake. Either hand up to pocket at bottom of crack, layback into crack, LH up to slopey scoop, TO R over arête (features on face offRoute).
2 Nick’s Dyno 6a Unknown LH on slopey pocket in middle of face, RH on sloper, big move up to the groove on lip, TO (Has been done barefoot 0.o).
3 Afro Samurai 6b+ Unknown SS, BH on obvious slopey rail, LH big move up to sidepull in middle of face, RH up to sloper, TO as for (2).
4 Jinno Kuma 6b+ Unknown Start as for (3), match in pocket in middle of face, TO via big pocket.
5 The Empty7 Clan 6c Unknown SS, LH in positive scoop on LHS of arête, RH in pinch. RH up to crack, LH up to ledge, RH to pocket in middle of the face, TO.
6 Project None SS, hands (?), RH to ledge, LH up to pocket on arête, up to small pocket on main face, TO via big pocket.
7 Ninja Ninja 6b+ Unknown SS as for (3), Match on sloper on RHS, and TO via big move to groove on lip.
8 Ninja Ninja Project None SS, climb crack/flake line, TO.

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