Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder F

Boulder Features

Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 3 Meters

Access Lakeside Stonehurst Boulder F from Boyes Drive. Walk up the hill following the path. Please be aware of baboons, snakes and make sure that you do not leave any valuables in your car.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Nick’s Crack 6a Unknown SS, BH in crack just left of large flake, traverse L using long reaches. TO with the crack.
2 Snake Hook 6a Unknown SS, BH undercling on flake, LH up to sidepull/crimp, TO straight up.
3 Balancing Bitis 6b Unknown SS as for [2], LH up to sidepull, RH to large undercling, TO via vertical postbox.
4 Project None SS, BH on slopey ledge. LH to thin edge/crimp, RH to small pockets on arête. LH to sidepull. TO as for [3].
5 Snake, Rattle & Roll 6b+ Unknown SS as for [4]. Moving R, RH to low vertical postbox, LH up to slopey pinch, bounce to gaston. TO straight up.
6 Project None Climb as for [5], move R from slopey pinch (staying below the lip), TO R via slopers.
7 M3 6b Unknown SS, BH layback on large flake. Move R on underclings, TO R via slopers on either side of the crack (ledge complex at bottom of flake offRoute).
8 Bypass 6a Unknown Start as for [7], RH up to flake/feature, TO (ledge offRoute).
9 Witness The Twitness 5+ Unknown Crouch start, BH on small rail, LH to small pocket, RH up to slopey rail on feature just below lip, TO.

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