Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Lakeside Crypto Currency Boulders


Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Height: 4 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Lakeside Crypto Currency Boulders from the Silvermine Parking Area on Boyes Drive overlooking Lakeside. Hike the well-worn path up the valley to find the two Crypto Currency boulders about halfway on your right-hand side. Boulder A is the largest boulder that looks like a cube while boulder B is a few meters above and looks like a flying saucer.

Number Grade Developer Information
A1 Bitcoin 6c+ Wilkinson SS in the cave on the pocket looking holds with high feet and move towards to corner using slopers on your R and a high L foot jam.
A2 4-5 Unknown Climb the sloping face with tons of big jugs. Perfect for kids.
A3 Ethereum 6a Wilkinson Climb the opposite overhanging corner facing the mountain. Start on the horn at the back right side of the cave and move R to small holds and then to a solid rail. Follow the rail towards the top of the overhang and TO.
Number Grade Developer Information
B1 Tether 4+ Wilkinson HS in the finger jug and using high feet TO.
B2 Binance Coin 6b Wilkinson SS in the triangle hold at the far R of the boulder and climb the sloping arete using a high R heel. Keep your body hanging below the arete until the obvious exit at 1.

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