Kommetjie Slangkop Trig Beacon Boulders

Boulder Features

Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 3 Meters

Access Kommetjie Slangkop Trig Beacon Boulders from the parking lot on Rubbi Road Kommetjie. Walk upon the sandy track into the mountains. At the top of the first section, turn left and then take your first right. This path bends right past the mushroom looking boulder towards Kommetjie lighthouse. You will see the Trig Beacon as you near the edge of the cliff line. The images in this guide are of boulders A and B. D is on the Fish Hoek side of boulder B and C is a small boulder left of B (if you are facing B1). There are a few other climbable boulders in this area. Please send through any new problems.

Number Grade Developer Information
A1 Heel Or Toe, This Is The Question 6a+ Wilkinson Stand start on the slopers and using a high right heel (or toe) move up and L to TO at the highest point on the boulder.
Number Grade Developer Information
B1 Project 7a None SS on crimps and move up on crimps, then make big move R to jug and TO.
B2, B3 and B4 5+ Wilkinson Stand start all three of these warm up problems. B2 climbs the L line, B3 climbs the middle and B4 climbs the R corner piece. All are fun with interesting moves for 5’s.
Number Grade Developer Information
C1 6a Wilkinson SS in crimps with high L heel and move up on small holds to TO.
C2 5+ Wilkinson SS in the jug to the L of 1 and TO.
Number Grade Developer Information
D1 5+ Wilkinson SS in jug on the Fish Hoek side of boulder C and climb up and L to the highest point.
D2 5 Wilkinson Climb the sloping face immediately to the L of 1.

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