Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Kommetjie Slangkop The Wall


Walking Time: 15 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Kommetjie The Wall from the parking lot on Rubbi Road Kommetjie. Park near the church and walk the sandy path up and onto the plateau for about 100 meters before moving off right through the fynbos towards The Church boulders. Move past these to the left for another hundred meters or so.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 5 Unknown Stand start and climb from the large hold up the sloping face.
2 6a Unknown Start in the bucket, LH to slot and big move to crimp and TO.
3 6a+ Unknown SS as low as possible and climb the bulge using the small holds on your R to TO.
4 6c Telford SS on the small crimps and climb slightly R to TO.
5 5+ Telford SS on the rail and move up to small hold under overhang to move L on good holds.
6 6b+ Wilkinson SS L of 5, move to pockets into undercut under overhang. LH to sloper and over overhang to TO L.
7 Project None SS on small holds and move R towards the overhang of 6 on small holds.
8 5+ Telford HS with LH in pocket, use high foot to TO.
9 5+ Unknown SS on solid rail and move L to pocket and TO.
10 7b Mostert SS and use crimp to lunge for the top.
11 6b Wilkinson SS in undercling on the far R of the cave and move L using the underclings to TO far L around the overhang.

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