Fish Hoek Sun Valley Beast Boulder


Boulder Features

Walking Time: 20 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 5 Meters

Access Fish Hoek Sun Valley Beast Boulder from the parking area on the mountainside of Sun Valley Primary. You will be able to see a group of boulders from the parking lot when you look towards Peers Cave. While there are three big boulders, the only real boulder worth climbing is the Beast which is the first of the four boulders (boulder A). Walk the sandy trail through fynbos that leads into the mountain towards Peers Cave. Cross the swamp over the bridge, head through sand dunes and up towards the Beast.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Deer 4 Wilkinson Stand start and climb the arete on good holds to TO.
2 Antelope 6a Wilkinson Start as for 1 and traverse R to exit as for 4.
3 Tiger 6b+ Wilkinson SS in the cave and TO from the rail using a big move.
4 Beast 6c+ Wilkinson Start as for 3, follow the rail R, TO from the slot as for 3.
5 Project None Start as for 3, follow the rail diagonally R and exit far R.
6 Meerkat 5+ Wilkinson Stand start in the “v” shaped crack and climb up to TO.
7 Hippo 6b Wilkinson Stand start on the obvious bulge and climb up to TO.
8 Lion 6b Wilkinson SS down in the cave at the far R of the backside of the boulder in the jug and climb vertically to TO on good holds.
9 Horse 6b+ Wilkinson Start as for 8, move diagonally L to jug and move vertically on sharp pinch to TO.
10 Bear Eats Horse 6b Wilkinson Start as for 8 and 9, move diagonally L to jug and keep moving diagonally L to exit further up the boulder.

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