Constantia Nek Jeep Track Boulder

Boulder Features

Walking Time: 5 Minutes

Geography: ⛰️

Height: 2 Meters

Access Constantia Nek Jeep Track Boulder from the parking lot at the Constantia Nek Circle. Walk the jeep track up the mountain in the direction of Cecilia Forest passing a small Pine forest on your right with small boulders perfect for kids to learn on. The Jeep Track Boulder is the biggest of the boulders at the point where the jeep track forks right and left.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 3 Unknown Stand and climb the side of the boulder facing the city.
2 4 Unknown HS on the two rails and make 2 moves up and R to TO (arete on the L is off route).
3 5 Unknown SS with RH on layaway and LH on undercling with high R foot. Make one big move up R to layaway and bounce up L to TO.
4 2 Unknown The back of the boulder is easy and perfect for small kids to learn on.

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