Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Constantia Cecilia Forest Ike’s Boulder


Walking Time: 10 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: 🌲

Access Ike's boulder from the main parking lot at Cecelia Forest. Walk the track towards the river. Ike's boulder is on the riverbank above Follow The River boulder.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Huggy Bear 5+ Smigelskis Sit-start on short rail and climb the crack feature.
2 The Executioner 7c+ Martinengo Start as for The Prospector but traverse left and dyno to the lip from crimps just left of the arête.
3 The Prospector 6c+ Šmigelskis Sit start and climb the arete.
4 No Hot Ashes 7a Unknown Start as for The Executioner but continue traversing into the start of Huggy Bear.
5 The Berkolator 6b+ Schwerdtfeger Sit-start on a big ledge and climb straight up using a big ledge on the right.
6 Light Before Dark 7a Unknown Start as for The Berkolator and climb straight up the face to top-out up left without using a big ledge to right.
7 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy 4 Šmigelskis Sit-start on a ledge and climb the face / arête.

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