Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Constantia Cecilia Forest Follow The River Boulder


Walking Time: 5 Minutes

Height: 2 Meters

Geography: 🌲

Access Constantia Cecilia Forest Follow The River Boulder from the main parking lot at Cecelia Forest. Walk the small track towards the river for 5 minutes. This boulder is near the road.

Number Grade Developer Information
1 I Am 6b+ Burls SS with LH on sidepull and RH on an edge. Climb straight up to the slopers above, the top out on the L using slopers.
2 Mother Earth 6b Burls SS as for 1, climb straight up to the slopers and top out using the large pocket/jug on the R.
3 Pet Virus 7a Burls Start as for 1, climb straight up to the slopers, then traverse R using slopers (staying below the large pocket/jug), till you can match on the large sloper on the very R and then top out. (This problem can be done using the jug at about 6C).
4 Natures Call 6c Burls SS just R of 1, with LH on an edge and RH in an undercling/pocket. Move straight up to the large pocket/jug and then top out.
5 Echoes of Time 6c+ Burls SS on the R side of the boulder on slopers, traverse L (staying below the large pocket/jug) and top out as for 1. (6B if you use the jug).
6 Two To Tango 7a Noy Climb as for Pet Virus but finish up Got Viagra, Need Woman.
7 P.Falciparum 6c Unknown Climb Pet Virus this time making use of the pocket jug in the middle of the block.
8 Warm-Up 5+ Šmigelskis Stand-start and climb the slab on the right.
9 Unforgiven 6b Unknown Climb Echoes of Time this time using the pocket jug.

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