Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Capri Ice Cube Boulder


Walking Time: 20 Minutes

Height: 4 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access Capri Ice Cube Boulder from the parking lot at the end of Lock road Capri. Walk the obvious stone road into the mountains in the direction of Ocean View onto a plateau passing water tanks on your right-hand side. When you reach the first flat section, you will see the Loner Boulders directly above you. Walk left in the direction of Fish Hoek up the slope and onto the main plateau. Follow the small trail, still walking towards Fish Hoek, until you see the biggest boulder on the plateau. This is the Ice Cube Boulder.

Number Grade Developer Information
C1 3/4 Unknown Climb the easy face at the back of the boulder.
C2 Cold Days 1 5 Wilkinson SS with BH in scoop, move R to bucket and exit above.
C3 Cold Days 2 5 Wilkinson SS with BH on flake and exit vertically.
C4 Martini Please 6a Wilkinson SS in diagonal crack on arete facing Ocean View and climb up using a second diagonal crack to exit R of the flat bulge.
C5 Project None Start on the Capri facing corner on the finger pocket and climb the blank face in the direction of the mountain. You will need pads and spotter.
C6 Ice Cube 5+ Wilkinson Start on the Capri facing corner on the finger pocket, move onto face and exit L over the top using the crack.
C7 Original Ice 6a Wilkinson HS on jug and move L using a high L heel to exit up the crimp.
C8 Chills Up My Spine 6b Wilkinson Start on the corner to the L of 7 and using the crimps and slopers on your L and RH in jug move up using a finger pocket and tiny crimp on your R. Make a big move up to a good crack and TO.

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