Leave only footprints | Use limited chalk | Be aware of criminals

Blackhill Boulder Garden Roadside Warmup Boulder


Walking Time: 2 Minutes

Height: 3 Meters

Geography: ⛰️

Access the Roadside Warmup boulder from the parking lot on Glencairn Express Way. RULES: Please be polite around the horseriders. Some animals get quite jittery around large bouldering pads. Just stand to the side of the path and let them pass. You will find the riders to be very pleasant and we don't want to form a hostile relationship with them. There have been several sightings of snakes at the Garden, so keep an eye out for the slimy reptiles!

Number Grade Developer Information
1 Road Warrior 6a Unknown Sit-start in the lower part of the rail, move up to a big slopey ledge and on up the face / arête.
2 Rockatansky 6a Unknown Climb Road Warrior to the big slopey ledge, then climb diagonally left to a crimper in the second thin seam, RH to an edge sidepull.
3 High Speed Pursuit 6a Unknown Sit-start with LH on the rail and RH on a pinch grip and head up and slightly right to finish.

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